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Removing Sticky Label Residue from Plastic and other surfaces

Posted by Brett Riley on

This is a great little tip for removing that annoying sticky reside left behind when you peel off a sticker from a plastic bag, bowl, bottle etc.

Getting glue to stick well to plastic in the first place can be quite difficult so manufacturers will generally use quite strong glue. That's great for them, but not for you when you want to remove it, so here's an effective method that we at The Herb Shed use on a daily basis to achieve a glue free, non-sticky result.

Firstly, remove as much of the label as you can, by picking with your finger nails, rubbing with a damp cloth, or a mild scourer being careful not to scratch the plastic. This will help when you apply the chemical to penetrate the sticky residue.

Note: For this hint we utilise the many applications of WD40, however we understand that many people prefer to use a more natural or Eco-friendly option so eucalyptus oil can also prove very effective with a little more elbow-grease. When using chemicals always test in a small area first to make sure the chemical doesn't adversely affect the plastic or other surface.

Next, apply the WD40 to a clean cloth or directly to the residue, rub in a circular motion until the sticky residue comes off.

Next, apply undiluted dish-washing liquid to the area and sit for at least 5 minutes to allow the smell of the WD40 to dissipate.

Finally, rinse under water or wipe off with a clean cloth.

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