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Ginkgo Biloba Organic

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Ginkgo is a gentle but powerful circulatory stimulant, especially when it comes to conditions of the head. It's invaluable for older people, particularly those who have suffered from strokes or are at risk of strokes. It helps to improve memory and sharpen concentration for all ages but has attracted attention for its ability to stimulate memory and reduce confusion in the elderly, and perhaps helps delay or mitigate the ravages of Alzheimer's disease.

Ginkgo tea can be taken continuously without problems and works well together with ginseng.

Some of the other benefits of Ginkgo include the treatment of tinnitus, dizziness, labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear) and Meniere's disease (excess fluid in the inner ear). It is also worth trying for persistent headaches and migraines

Botanical Name: Ginkgo Biloba

Actions: Circulation stimulant, improves memory and concentration, assists with Alzheimer's disease

Status: Organic 

Caution: If you are taking blood thinning medication, or any other medication for the treatment of stroke, make sure that your doctor is informed if you want to take Ginkgo as well. It is a very useful ally but may affect the dosage of other medication.

All information on this site is for informational purposes only. We do stress that you should do your own research, or talk with your health professional if you suffer from an existing health condition, or if you are on other medication, prior to consumption of our products.

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