Eco-Soy Wax Travel Tins

You'll love our 100% Pure Eco-Soy Wax Travel Tin Range; the scents are full and luxurious.

Features: Glossy Reusable Black Tins - extremely rare, which sets them apart from the usual silver or grey tins. Once your candle travel tin is finished, the tin can simply be washed with soapy warm water to remove any left over wax and either refilled or used for any other purpose.

Our Pure Eco-Soy range is made from Nature Wax - C3 Container Blend, which produces a creamy white candle, with a clean burn and the best fragrance throw and adhesion on the market. Nature Wax - C3 - 100% Soy wax is the choice of professional candle makers around the world.

How to obtain the best burn from your Soy Wax Travel Tin:

Light your candle only when you have time to achieve a full melt pool. This is where the liquid (melted) wax reaches the wall of the candle tin. Burn times will vary depending on the size of your candle, however as a general rule allow a minimum of 2 hours on the first burn. Candle wax has a memory., so if you extinguish your candle before reaching the full melt pool, your candle will only burn to that same diameter on the next burn, leaving a build-up of unused wax around the edges.