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Shipping Information

All orders are sent via Australia Post for smaller items up to 100gms, larger orders between 101gms to 500gms will be sent by Parcel Post with or without signature (your option), items greater than 500gms will be sent Parcel Post with signature required from you upon delivery of your order. This allows you and us to track your order to ensure it arrives to you safely.

The general cost of shipping Australia Wide is as follows:

$5.80 for orders weighing up to 100 grams 

$7.60 for orders weighing from 101 grams - 400 grams (with signature $10.55)

*$15.00 for orders weighing from 401 grams - 1.4 kg

*$17.20 for orders weighing from 1.401 kg - 3 kg

* Shipping costs may vary depending on your location for items larger than 400gms, shipping cost will appear at checkout time.

For orders exceeding 3kg please contact us to confirm shipping costs

Note: For orders weighing more than 400 grams the cost of shipping may increase slightly for certain locations. The additional cost generally is between an extra $1 - $5 as set by Australia Post.