Allspice/Pimento Powder – Organic



Allspice is one of the most important ingredients of Caribbean cuisine. Allspice is used in sauces, and in pickling; it is also an ingredient in sausage preparations and curry powder. Allspice is well used in Middle Eastern cuisine, it is used to flavour a variety of stews and meat dishes, many main dishes call for allspice as the sole spice added for flavouring. In the U.S., it is used mostly in deserts, but it is also responsible for giving chilli its distinctive aroma and flavour. Allspice is commonly used in Great Britain, and appears in many dishes, including cakes. Even in many countries where allspice is not very popular in the household, as in Germany, it is used in large amounts by commercial sausage makers

Botanical Name: Pimenta dioica

Status: Organic

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Weight 50 g


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