Blue Butterfly Pea Flower – Organic




Botanical name: Clitoria ternatea 

Native to: Southeast, South and Equatorial Asia

Status: Organic

Actions: Anti-inflammatory with stress-reducing and memory enhancing properties. Sedative to aid relaxation and aid combat anxiety, stress and depression. Promotes weight loss, a healthy liver and aids to regulate blood sugar levels. 

Description: “Blue tea” has been used traditionally in Asian cultures such as Malaysia, Bali, Thailand and Vietnam. There, it is not only used as a tea, but is also added to rice dishes to enhance flavour. Research suggested that compounds within the blue butterfly pea flowers stimulate calorie-burning and help regulate blood sugar nx   cholesterol levels. These qualities are said to promote weight loss, as well as help prevent fatty liver disease and diabetes. Furthermore, it can act similar to paracetamol to reduce pain and fever while its antioxidants promote eye health and hair growth. 

Its most potent effect is thought to act on brain and the central nervous system. There it can act as stress-reducer, antidepressant, mood lifter and memory enhancer. 

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