Catnip – Australian Grown




Botanical name: Nepeta catoria

Native to: Europe

Status: Organic – Australian Grown

Actions: Sedative which helps relaxation and sleep. Aids digestion, flatulence (gas), colic, cramping and even headaches. Catnip can be used against respiratory infections, cold and flu, as well as fever, especially in children.

Description: Dried catnip can be used to aid sleeping troubles (insomnia), as well as digestive
problems. Particularly, it can sooth gastrointestinal upsets, such as indigestion, colic, cramping and flatulence (gas). Catnip is also known to increase urination, help regulate menstrual cycles and relief headaches and migraines.
Its gentle action and enjoyable taste make it a helpful remedy especially for children, with upper respiratory infections, cold and flu, as well as fever.
Catnip may also be applied directly to the skin to sooth arthritis, rheumatism, haemorrhoids and in a compress to relieve swelling.

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