Hops Flower – Australian Grown




Botanical name: Humulus lupulus

Native to: Europe and Asia

Origin: Australia

Status: Organic Australian Grown

Contraindications: Should not be used in pregnancy or in cases of depression.

Actions: Aromatic bitter which stimulates the digestive system and anti-spasmodic to help reduce colic and cramps. Sedative and restorative tonic which can aid with tension and promotes restless sleep.

Description: Hops is best known for its long-established use in beers all over the world. It can also be used as a smoking alternative to tobacco, or as a tea. Hops has aromatic bitter properties which stimulate the digestive system by increasing gastric secretions.

Due to its anti-spasmodic effect it can also help to reduce colic and cramps. It is also said to help with migraines and headaches.
Its sedative and calming properties can help with tension, anxiety, restlessness and irritability. A sachet of dried herbs can be put next to your pillow to supports a good night’s sleep. It may be blended with other herbs such as chamomile and comfrey (digestive aid), valerian and passionflower (anxiety) or passionflower, wild lettuce and California poppy (insomnia).

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