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Passionflower Organic

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Passionflower aids anxiousness and restlessness and is commonly used to assist withdrawal symptoms from addictive drugs. Passionflower aids those with disturbed sleep and acts as a mild sedative to fix interrupted sleep patterns.

There are several ways to use Passionflower. The most common and effective way is to drink it as a tea pure or together with our other herbs Damiana and Catnip. Some people also use it as a herbal smoke alternative to help break tobacco addiction.

Botanical Name:  Passiflora incarnata

Action: A mild sedation herb that is excellent in the treatment of sleeplessness and anxiety. 

Status: Organic

All information on this site is for informational purposes only. We do stress that you should do your own research, or talk with your health professional if you suffer from an existing health condition, or if you are on other medication, prior to consumption of our products.

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