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Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry Leaf - Organic

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Botanical name: Rubus idaeus (Raspberry Leaf)

Native to: Europe and Asia

Status: Organic

Actions: Used to encourage easy labour and strengthening the womb. Astringent properties which can aid some digestive troubles and may be applied externally to help conjunctivitis, wounds, ulcers and excessive vaginal discharge.

Description: Best known as a remedy for expectant mothers which is thought to strengthen
the muscles of the womb to aid during labour and hastening childbirth. While it is said to support a quicker and easier labour, it may also help the uterus return to its normal size quicker after birth.
Can be used as a digestive remedy due to its astringent attributes which can aid to overcome diarrhoea. Externally, raspberry leaves can assist the healing of conjunctivitis (eyes), ulcers, wounds, excessive vaginal discharge and as a mouthwash it can aid gum problems.

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