The main use for hops is as a mild sedative.
Hops are considered to be a relaxant for the gastric nerves; it can help relieve anxiety and tension, and reduces hyperactivity, excitability and restlessness, and can assist in bringing peaceful sleep. 
Hops has been traditionally used for centuries, in beers all around the world. Hops is also widely used as a smoking alternative to tobacco.

An interesting fact: Hops is one of the many herbs that contains plant oestrogens making it a useful friend to women going through menopause. The oestrogen content is probably what gives it a reputation (for men) of dampening sexual desire, not an aspect of beer drinking that is widely advertised.

Botanical Name: Humulus Lupulus

Actions: Hops Flower is considered to be a sedative. A restorative tonic for the nervous system. It is also a digestive stimulant and an astringent.

Contraindications: Hops should not be used in pregnancy or cases of depression