The Herb Shed was created from an original idea of a close friend who recognized a need for alternative ways in helping people dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia, lack of energy, and other issues while coping with the challenges of daily living in today’s fast paced and complicated world. We must thank her wholeheartedly for that moment of brilliance as without that initial idea The Herb Shed would never have come to fruition.

We built on this idea and we undertook research and applied our own knowledge from our own experiences of using herbal remedies in our own lives to create a range of herbs and herbal teas sourced from local suppliers for suitable herbal alternatives. Herbs and herbal teas have been used traditionally for many centuries in all parts of the world as a way of helping people maintain their health and vitality. Our range of 100% Natural Wild-Crafted and Organic herbs aim to continue with these long held traditions.

While The Herb Shed is a newly launched site, we had been selling our products very successfully through a different online platform for a number of months, however this was only ever going to be a temporary measure to gauge the popularity of our products. The popularity of our herbs and herbal teas far exceeded our expectations and it soon became apparent that we needed to create our “own brand” that we could be very proud of and nurture well into the future.

And so, The Herb Shed was born……