Another year has come and gone – and what a year it has been! We have witnessed how this pandemic has shaken the whole globe and how small actions of ours can have a dramatic effect and reverberation on everything around us. And despite all the negatives, I do feel a great opportunity to take something truly positive out of all of this: It has given us the chance to re-look and re-assess our everyday lives, our everyday actions and our impact on everything which surrounds us. Perhaps this is the opportunity we needed to pause for a moment and evaluate how we want to go forward in life, personally and as an entire species to ensure a liveable world for all of us.

One of the most powerful means within which we can take part in this positive change is by evaluating where does our food come from. Not only choosing local products to reduce the carbon footprint, but opting for organic and spray-free options reduces the addition of nitrogen and phosphorus into our waterways. While this may not mean much to the average person, the use of fertilisers impacts the entire food chain by rendering waterways uninhabitable for fish and many other salt- and freshwater creatures. 

If you need something smaller to start with you could start planting some native plant species around your home. This will encourage biodiversity by creating a home for many species which are in desperate need of some green around all the asphalt, bitumen and greyness. Your local council may have a guide on what plants to choose from. 

If you were wondering what to do for your New Year’s resolution, I hope you have found some answers here. Happy New Year to all and for all.