Olive Leaf – Australian Grown




Botanical name: Olea europaea

Native to: Africa, temperate Asia & Southern Europe

Status: Organic

Actions: Potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and immune-stimulant properties. Cardioprotective qualities, including lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as having an anti-thrombic attributes. 

Description: The harvest of olive trees goes back thousands of years due to their highly valuable nutritious and sanitary attributes. Even scientific bodies today recognize the potent components of olive plants, particularly their high antioxidant activity. While familiarity resides with the fruit, the leaves contain the highest amounts of antioxidants and phenolic compounds. Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries all make use of this highly sought after plant and its extracts. 

Olive leaves have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial (anti-viral) activity and immune stimulant activity, partially due to their high levels of antioxidant and phenolic compounds. Oleuropein may be responsible for its cardioprotective properties which act by aiding to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as having an anti-thrombic effect. Other attributes may include cancer-protective and generally health-promoting. 

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