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Mugwort is a popular herb that is known to aid in reducing or eliminating depression and ease tension. Aromatic mugwort herb is a way to improve dream recall, enhance the intensity of dreams or reliably achieve lucid dreams.

Mugwort is a valuable digestive tonic; it's bitterness stimulates the appetite and helps in the breakdown of fats. This makes it very useful for those who suffer gall-bladder problems, or who have had their gall-bladder removed. Mugwort is used medicinally, especially in Asian traditional medicine, the leaves are used to make moxa which is burned near the skin to raise vital energy in that area. This is beneficial for many rheumatic and muscular conditions.

Botanical Name: Artemisia vulgare

Status: Wild-crafted

Caution: Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women or young children.

Action: Mugwort is an old-fashioned popular remedy for epilepsy. It is a valuable digestive tonic. It also helps hysteria. It is also known to help with obstruction of the spleen and weakness of the stomach. 


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